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  • Fastest Millionaire In Company History

  • Coached and mentored over 1,000 Insurance Agents

  • Turning Agents into Agency Owners unlocking their full potential


For David Prices’ whole life, he wanted to be an entrepreneur and has searched for the best industry to build a business that can scale and give him the ultimate freedom.

With a deliberate concentration on Final Expense Life Insurance, David Price broke into the insurance industry in 2018, initially intending to find a conducive structure perfect for building a business.

David Price liked the idea of selling Final Expense Insurance because it was simple, fast, and duplicatable. He believes simplicity is the key ingredient to building a successful business.

Years of grit and hard work passed, and David has reached and accomplished every goal he once set for himself. Within 36 Months of having his license, David Price created a 7 figure income making him one of the fastest millionaires in the industry. 

 David Price also coached and mentored some of the top telesales and field insurance agents, helping many become 7 figure agency owners. 

With the sole purpose of helping those who wish to succeed in the industry, David created and developed a system to support insurance agents to go from newly licensed to reaching that six-figure mark and then teach them how to build a business. He believes that the system’s simplicity is the key to success. David Price provides a one-of-a-kind system that is so easy that anyone can follow it. In addition, David’s proven method boasts of the opportunity to build a rewarding career and have the option to work from home or anywhere in the world.

Many people will teach you how to sell insurance, but David will teach you how to build a business so you can enjoy the absolute freedom this industry can provide. 

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I’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and support it will take to be successful.

Our one-on-one training ensures your success, and we’ll be with you during every step of your final expense journey.