Are you ready to make the leap from a fixed monthly salary to unlimited income and take control of your financial future?

A fixed monthly salary is a good source of steady income for many people, but taking control of your financial future can transform an ordinary life into a thriving financial entity. Meet Kristan, who went from being a state farm agent to becoming an agency owner with The Price Group.

With two degrees in administration and operations, Kristan had worked in sales for 20 years, selling cars and jewelry. She preferred a fixed salary over a commission-based one, so she focused on operations and managing businesses.

While working in sales, Kristan enjoyed helping clients buy their first car or pick the right one for them. But everything changed when she met Jennifer at a gym. Jennifer had gone from being a housewife to selling jewelry and insurance policies, and she became one of Kristan’s most prominent clients.

Although initially hesitant about commission-based insurance sales, Kristan was impressed by Jennifer’s success and her ability to command a room. However, it wasn’t until a life-altering event, when Kristan’s husband nearly died and lost her job two weeks before Christmas, that she finally took the leap of faith and joined Jennifer in the insurance industry.

At first, the reality of the job was challenging for Kristan as she was still recovering from PTSD and anxiety. But after hitting a stagnant point, she took a job at a state farm, earning three or four times her commission. But when she was denied fair compensation for selling a million-dollar policy, she realized it wasn’t the job for her.

A large check from her previous Senior Life clients convinced her to return to The Price Group. This time, she was more well-rounded and successful, selling both in the field and over the phone. She even started her own agency, hiring people and mentoring them to achieve their own success. With the support of Jennifer and other like-minded people, Kristan continues to grow professionally and personally.
At The Price Group, they help people take control of their finances, be their own boss, and achieve success. Your success story could be next.

I hope we were all inspired by Kristan’s story. He’s unafraid to take risks, try something different, and get out of his comfort zone – courageous enough to take that leap of faith.


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