How does being a DJ land someone a huge career as a successful insurance agent?

How does being a DJ land someone a huge career as a successful insurance agent? First, let’s meet Kyle, someone whose passion for music led him to work in the insurance sphere.

Kyle has been passionate about music, lights, and even the nightclub scenes since he was a kid. He would listen to all sorts of music from different eras – especially from the 90s. His journey started in his hometown of Lafayette, but he thought he wasn’t getting anywhere. So, he moved to New Orleans, where it was more fast-paced – working and doing his passion simultaneously.

He was there one festival weekend on Bourbon Street, and one of the DJs got sick. So the owner approached Kyle and asked him if he wanted a job. And right there and then – he accepted it. So after that, he held a full-time position there for a long time. And it has been fun for him working in New Orleans because there are many festivals he can perform at – Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence, and the Largest Day Dance in the South. And meeting people from all walks of life and interacting with them gave him a tremendous sense of happiness – him being in control of these people and having fun.

From deejaying while a sprinkler pipe busts above his head to having trash bags everywhere and wearing a rain jacket, Kyle reminisced all the eventful times, he had to work as a DJ. For ten years, he lived an exciting life on Bourbon Street. And just like deejaying, he never thought that insurance was boring. He and his brother are nine years apart, and he’s seen him work the insurance field for years, making him aware of the great benefits of being covered for life. And watching people in the music industry celebrate their 30 years in the industry got him thinking, ‘Is this really where I want to be in 30 years?’

So with the inconsistencies of the pay he was getting and having to rely on someone else when he was having a bad week, he thought that maybe it was time to do things for himself, to be stable. And that’s when he started trying out the insurance industry. He began at People Helping People (PHP), a multi-level marketing company, and his brother pushed him to get an actual license. And so he started working underneath his brother, but his struggle was that he wasn’t getting enough support he needed. His brother would surely help him close a deal when there’s a prospect, but Kyle didn’t get the level of training and mentorship he needed. It didn’t work for him at first, so he returned to work full-time at clubs again. But he didn’t stop reading and learning until one of his brother’s friends contacted him on Facebook and said they were hiring people. And since he still had his license, he went for it and worked at FFL. But he was surprised that there was no one-to-one mentorship and training either. He was just provided a drop box and a YouTube video to watch, and that was it.

That was until he had another phone call asking him to meet Jen in Lafayette. He talked with Jen, and he was contracted the same night. The good thing was, he was out in the field in two days – writing policies and producing numbers since then. It wasn’t always easy for Kyle, tho. He had no leads for two to three weeks, and he was still putting up with himself. But with the help of Jen, Doug, Blake, Christian, and me, he was able to get the mentorship and training he needed. Finally, not long enough, he had his own leads. He was also thankful he could call me and ask for advice whenever things got tough. These experiences were way different from those he had with the past two companies he’s been with. It was also way different when he was still in the nightclub industry – they were following a chain of command over there, but according to him, working with TPG was like building a family. Jen is his mentor, also the one that hired her. And for Kyle, it doesn’t stop there. Jen is his best friend – the one he can lean on and the one he can run to when the going gets rough. And with the right mindset and keeping himself on track, he was finally able to get where in life he should be.

Kyle is doing a lot of business, living in Louisiana, and has the leads he’s been looking for in multiple states. He likes traveling and getting to know and help more people. So it makes him happy that instead of reworking old leads, he can travel, branch out to different neighborhoods, and maybe grow more by reaching more states. And now, we’ll give him Alabama next, hoping he can help more people there!

And when asked about what advice he could give those insurance agents who were starting in the field, he said that the essential thing that you have is commitment. You have to give 110% to do the job. You will never move forward if you keep procrastinating. It will hold you back and delay things that need to be done. Also, he said that if you’re doing it for the money, you won’t make it. You have to be genuinely invested in the job – and in turn, helping people. But failure is a part of the game. Remember that you must wake up the following day and work twice as hard if you fail. That’s the mindset Kyle had during his setbacks.

With everything he has already accomplished, his next goal is to buy a house for himself and his husband. And since his parents are already aging, his other goal is to be financially secure to give them the best support they need; he wants to be able to take care of them. He wants the financial liberty to do things that will make his family proud.

I hope we are all inspired by Kyle’s story – another story proving that excelling in the insurance agency knows no work background or age. As long as you have a positive mindset and are willing to take the leap, you can be there.


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