From Being A Server to Becoming One of the Most Successful Insurance Agents in the Field!

People know who they have the potential to be.

The challenge is seeing that process through.

Self-development is an art.

It takes time. It requires patience. It asks you to step outside your comfort zone. It is challenging — and that’s the point.

However, the biggest challenge when it comes to self-development is the process itself. People really struggle with the path and all its twists and turns, much more than they do any single obstacle.

It’s always great to hear amazing stories of people achieving many things from scratch. Today, we will be astonished by Valerie’s story – from a server’s busy and hectic life to becoming one of the most successful insurance agents in the field. I’m David Price, and please join me as I delve into Valerie’s incredible life story.

Meet Valerie M.

      Valerie was a server for a long time. She waited tables and worked at restaurants and banquets. Ultimately, working in the service industry was all she knew back then – spending an enormous number of hours every day. The only way to get more money was if she got more tips. So, the more people she served and made happily, the more money she earned. But it was hard for her because the service industry was far from the typical day job. She could only clock off when the restaurants closed, when everything was already prepped for the next day, or when things got slow. It was tiring, especially for her. But it trained her to be flexible and hardworking. She always thought that waiting tables and working at restaurants were like being an entrepreneur.

      When we met, she told me she wanted a 9 to 5 job and wanted to have weekends off – no working at night. And so, I reached out, offering her $100 to come to Lafayette and help me greet people. She immediately agreed to it and came, worked standing right beside the door, and greeted people. It was an instant $100 for her, and she came home to her kids. She had no idea what I was doing when I was paying her to help me greet her. We met again, and she got curious about life insurance, thinking about how her fiancée needed one. I told her I could help her sign up for the course because I saw something in her – hardworking, great with people, pleasing personality, and a positive mindset. I thought she was a significant investment.

     The other good thing about Valerie is his fiancée, Brandon. Brandon has been very supportive of her. Brandon was once the breadwinner, and he even got laid off once. But they just helped each other to get past that predicament. After 16 years, they have already learned how to get each other’s back. And in this industry, it helps to have such a great support structure.

      Valerie is one of the best insurance agents in the market and is also training people now. She produces and teaches people and always ensures she is always there to support the people she helps in the industry. They even went to Keto Parish and helped many people. She even had this one fun story where they had to all spoon all night on a king-sized bed because there were no hotel rooms available. They produced $6000 in two days, and that was amazing! And with all of that, she was having much fun.

     And that’s what I like about Valerie – she loves her job and doesn’t think of it as work but as a means of enjoyment. Just like when she was still a server, but much more different now. She likes meeting new people and interacting with them or going out with potential clients for either coffee or lunch. That’s primarily why most of her sales come from the field. She sometimes does phone calls, but most of the time, she’s out in the area enjoying her job.

      Valerie now earns a considerable sum of money from having to work many hours for less and can now pay her bills in two days’ work. She now has a home office and can now be flexible, so she can still spend some time with her family. She can now buy things for her family; the funny thing is, she doesn’t even have to worry about overdraft now! Her insurance license changed her life from waiting tables and serving at restaurants and banquets to being one of the most successful agents in the insurance sphere. And now, her goal is to be a $1,000,000 earner, which is not impossible given her abilities.

    Valerie’s story proves that people can achieve many things, even from scratch. People grow and learn – they only have to believe in themselves. Hard work pays off; you must be determined and never hold back and eliminate distractions. You must be committed to your work and, most importantly, enjoy your job! Learn new things and push yourself to discover broader horizons. Lastly, her story proves that being blessed with opportunity begets sharing the same opportunity with others.

       I hope we all learned something about Valerie’s story. Another person who was not afraid to take the leap of faith to change her life forever.

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