From Being a Client Who Became One Of The Best Insurance Agents In The Field…

We’ve all heard great stories about successful insurance agents making it to the top without any prior sales experience or job experience at all. But this time, we will hear a story about a client who became one of the best insurance agents in the field. Let us all meet Tammy and be amazed by yet another success story.

At first, Tammy was just like any other client out there – looking for coverage and life insurance policies. And then, she became an extraordinary insurance agent drafting thousands of policies and generating tons in production. She’s helped thousands of people get covered, and it’s a pleasure meeting her for the first time.

Her insurance journey started when Amber, one of our agents, came into her house and offered her insurance. She signed her up, and before Amber left, Tammy was amazed and intrigued by Amber’s profession, and she told Amber she wanted to do just like what Amber was doing. Tammy noted that she would like to help as many people as possible. Amber then committed to being Tammy’s mentor.

Without any prior sales background or insurance sales experience, Tammy was persistent in learning all she needed to know about insurance sales, so she studied so hard – getting in touch with Amber every week, letting her know the progress. That’s when she took the test and passed it. She was delighted because she could finally help more people now that she’s passed the test.

In Tammy’s first month, she’s issued $10,000 worth in production, and that’s awesome. Her first paycheck was $1100, and that’s only for one policy! She has always been a stay-at-home mom, and this experience has really been great for her. Also, she could finally set aside the money she’s been getting for her husband, who has a lot of medical bills. So aside from helping other people, she can also take care of her and her family’s needs now. She worked on each and every lead every day and earned money from her hard work – making multiple sales every.

When asked what her secret was, she told me she loved talking to people and actually helping those people. She believes that those people she’s helping get covered actually need the help. She’s also so persistent that even if one family member didn’t buy the insurance policy, she’d get 5-10 referrals anyway, and she could work on that. She believes it’s not always about the leads but about the people you can get more referrals from (she has four notebooks full of referrals).

But her journey hasn’t always been a smooth road. She’s been told to leave by clients, or she was told she couldn’t park there; this means that there were still instances of resistance. But it didn’t discourage her because she understood client scenarios vary. These situations actually made her better and stronger. When asked what’s her favorite part about this experience, it’s when she can always call Jen or GM and say it’s a bad day, that she didn’t sell insurance and didn’t help any families, and they would make her feel good, reassuring her that everything is okay. Also, she sees Amber as a sister, someone she can lean on – helping her with everything she needs, especially with technology. The support structure she’s getting within the community makes her tougher every day.

Another secret Tammy has is realizing the clients’ needs before they actually do. She puts legacy out, which is her main seller – thinking that anybody can buy a policy, but not everybody can buy a legacy. Her inspiration for this is his dad. His dad served in the military, and when he died, the military only gave him $250 and a monument, so they paid for the funeral, the casket, and all other expenses. This experience made her do what she’s doing right now.

Now Tammy dreams of being one of the insurance legends, and she’s eager to do whatever it takes to reach it – for as long as she can help more and more people daily. Tammy’s story is yet another testament that you can succeed through hard work and perseverance. Overcoming objections is also one of the greatest lessons of Tammy’s story – making all refusals a stepping stone to reaching your goals. Lastly, having no experience or knowing nothing at all in a certain field does not mean defeat. With the right amount of positive attitude and the right mindset, you can also be Tammy.

I hope you are all inspired by Tammy’s story – another ordinary person who was not afraid to take the leap of faith and have her life changed forever.

Tammy’s story is inspiring and shows the importance of persistence and determination in achieving success. Despite not having a background in sales or insurance, she was able to learn all that she needed to know and pass her insurance agent’s test. Through hard work and dedication, she was able to generate a high production level and help countless people get coverage.
One of the keys to Tammy’s success was her mentorship from Amber, who helped her learn the ins and outs of the insurance industry and provided support and guidance along the way. Tammy’s passion for helping others and her persistent attitude allowed her to overcome any obstacles and continue to grow as an insurance agent.

Another important factor in Tammy’s success was the support she received from her colleagues and mentors. Having a solid support network can be crucial in helping individuals overcome challenges and stay motivated in their careers. In Tammy’s case, the support she received from Jen, GM, and Amber helped her stay focused and excel in her insurance agent role.

Overall, Tammy’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and support in achieving success. By embracing these qualities, Tammy overcame any obstacles and became one of the top insurance agents in the field.


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