From Being A Retail Manager To Being A Great Insurance Agent And A Very Influential Producer – Generating $20,000 Worth Of Sales!

A success story won’t be possible without the help of an overarching umbrella company. And in this blog post, we won’t be just talking about an insurance agent’s success story but also an unbiased comparison between Senior Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Heritage. This is a simple delineation between both companies.

Rashadd is a great insurance agent and a very influential producer – generating $20,000 worth of sales at Senior Life and Lincoln Heritage. But it wasn’t all that easy for him. He was once a retail manager at BestBuy. He worked there for almost four years, which was a dead-end job for him. And so, while working the job, he looked for more opportunities to grow. And that’s when he ran an Indeed ad offering a sales position. That’s when he interviewed for a sales position at Lincoln Heritage. At first, in his mind, he didn’t want to do it. It didn’t seem appealing to him, but then he went for the interview, just for the sake of it.

After the interview, he realized insurance selling wasn’t that bad. To him, it was an opportunity to grow and expand his horizon. In fact, he realized it wasn’t even that hard to learn. He thought it’d be a lot more complicated, but it turned out it was a straightforward system – straightforward to learn. And that’s when he started working for Lincoln Heritage. He worked there for almost two and a half years and broke many records during his stay – making him a top producer, generating $20,000 in his second month. He was making way more money than what he was making in BestBuy. To him, it was the unfenced growth he had been looking for.

Seeking better opportunities than he already had, he tried contacting me many times. After multiple attempts to reach them, I called him back. I even remember thinking of him as a spy – considering he’s a great producer and he wanted to work for me. Being in great company and being one of the best insurance agents, there must be something that made him decide to make the switch. That’s when I knew he had done his research and wanted to try different insurance policies. He also wanted to help more people than he was already helping. He had limitations in helping people get coverage in Lincoln Heritage (especially those with health conditions or age restrictions). He wanted a help rate of 100%.

With his eagerness and perseverance, he started working for us. And right off the bat, he issued $20,000 in his first month with us, which was his best financial month in the industry. He was just learning various insurance plans but everything was just the same – just the final expense. Everything was about the final experience, so it wasn’t hard for him to adjust.

Even being a great insurance agent at Senior Life, the extraordinary thing about Rashadd was that he never spoke ill about Lincoln Heritage. According to him, Lincoln Heritage was a great company. It’s just that there were some people they couldn’t cover. Examples are people with certain health conditions like HIV or cancer – which is way different than the coverage he can handle with Senior Life. Another difference he noticed was the rate and the number of policies. People had to pay more money to get insurance policies from Lincoln Heritage.
Moreover, he told us about how Lincoln Heritage’s process can be lengthy. He had to call the office for verification and voice recording before he could even get a signature which can take more than 15 minutes, so the applicants had to wait. Unlike with Senior Life Insurance, he didn’t have to call anyone – everything can be done and written in the app and with the help of a voice signature feature, making it a lot easier for him. He could save more time and help more people in the field. The app also had live prescription checks, automatically writing prescriptions and helping those with health conditions.

He also noticed that Senior Life has a wider variety of leads he could work on compared to Lincoln Heritage – with Lincoln Heritage basically doing direct mail and web contacts. In contrast, Senior Life does everything Lincoln Heritage was doing, plus live transfers, TV leads, and even Facebook leads. The Way app (an app used to generate more leads) was definitely a big help for him, especially when Lincoln Heritage didn’t have it. These leads he got from Senior Life Insurance helped him help more and more people get coverage – from 15 leads a week to more than 40 leads a week. Also, Senior Life Insurance introduced telesales to him, and for him, it helped many agents earn money and help people whilst working in the comfort of their homes. He loves the fantastic and huge bonuses and incentives Senior Life Insurance offers. Maxing out bonuses really made him more fulfilled in what he does. Lastly, according to him, Senior Life insurance offers significant discounts on funeral services, caskets, headstones, and burial votes – which Lincoln Heritage wasn’t offering at the time.

He also appreciates the mentorship in The Price Group, especially when it’s hands-on – utilizing all means to communicate. He thinks Lincoln Heritage has outstanding mentorship, too. It was a great building block for him. He was even surprised when I flew from Florida to New Orleans to meet him face to face, showing support and appreciation for what he has produced. He also appreciates not being held back when he wants to do or try anything. All he gets is support. It’s really great when insurance agents get enough support structure and appreciation for what they have done and achieved – knowing that people around you are happy for your success.

Most definitely, The Price Group gave him a different kind of experience than he had with Lincoln Heritage, especially in terms of building a team, leaders, and businesses. And that’s what Rashadd’s goal is now – to build his business, and I’m more than willing to help him reach that goal. Now, he’s handling a team and is now in New Orleans, hiring more people from different states! It was definitely great to hear his unbiased comparison of the two companies, and definitely really proud to have worked with him.

I hope we were all inspired by Rashadd’s story. He’s unafraid to take risks, try something different, and get out of his comfort zone – courageous enough to take that leap of faith.


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